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Inside A sort of Homecoming, Sheidheda awakens strapped so you can a chair with the Bardo and you can connected so you’re able to a keen IV trickle

Inside A sort of Homecoming, Sheidheda awakens strapped so you can a chair with the Bardo and you can connected so you’re able to a keen IV trickle

Dressed in Disciple armor and you may cloaked, Sheidheda exists regarding Anomaly regarding Second Start Bunker on Environment

Out-of his reputation fastened, Sheidheda observe the newest conflict ranging from Clarke and you will family unit members and the Disciples one to closes to your Flame permanantly forgotten and most people leaving to save their friends. Just before Clarke can be exit from the Anomaly, the new Ebony Frontrunner weakly tells Bellamy he may help Bellamy if the Bellamy facilitate him. Sheidheda delivers Bellamy in order to Madi’s sketchbook into his throne with Madi’s pictures of recollections she’s got been experiencing from the most other Commanders.

Before he can, Gabriel contact the Ebony Commander from Madi and you may commands the lady to find assistance from Indra

Cadgoan, going through Madi’s sketchbook, comments your Black Leader was fortunate the Disciples put your in order to Bardo or Sheidheda might possibly be deceased. Cadgoan requires from the Madi’s drawings and Sheidheda acknowledges that as he failed to mark them, the guy understands whom did. Even if Cadogan normally search through new Dark Commander’s recollections, he asks just what he desires instead. Sheidheda wishes assurances you to definitely Sanctum are their, they are able to damage the new Stone and Disciples cannot come straight back. Cadogan says that Anomaly Rocks try indestructible, however, he is able to enjoys Sanctum.

Cadogan second thoughts the Black Commander comprehends precisely what the illustrations imply, however, he understands that this means that somebody keeps memories perhaps not her, memories you to definitely Cadogan requires first off the final Battle, a conflict that Sheidheda desires no section of. Cadgoan claims you to Sheidheda could well be an integral part of it if the guy desires to or not because if they winnings, chances are they have a tendency to transcend beyond its mortal models. Yet not, brand new Dark Chief has their the new system and you will Cadogan tells him which he commonly transcend though the guy suits the battle. Sheidheda requires if they have a great deal, but Cadogan calls your a trick, advising the new Dark Commander that in case it reduce, it won’t number when the he battles or perhaps not or and therefore world he or she is toward due to the fact the individual have a tendency to pass away. Sheidheda demonstrates Madi has the memories and Cadogan knows that Bellamy knew and this is as to why Clarke killed your.

Sheidheda alerts that Clarke can never assist Cadogan get their kid and that Cadogan’s strike team could get the little one slain. Sheidheda signifies that Cadogan post him as an alternative, saying that however desired no part of the fight before he’d understand what was at share: “transcend or perish.” The fresh Black Chief has been around Madi’s head and feels you to definitely he knows this lady much better than Madi knows herself as the hit party wouldn’t learn Madi at all. Sheidheda promises to score Madi right back, however their deal need still stand upcoming. Cadogan releases the Ebony Commander when you look at the arrangement and orders your taken towards the Anomaly.

Even though facing Indra, Gaia and you may Octavia which cannot see him, the Black Leader chooses to not assault and you can instead to follow Octavia then Octavia and Clarke and discover Madi. Immediately after following the a few to help you where Guarantee, Michael jordan, Murphy and you can Emori is actually attained for the a beneficial worshop, Sheidheda finds out you to Madi is in the rec area. Pleased, he shoves Octavia to your workshop and you will hair the group inside.

Due to the fact Madi and you may Gabriel have fun with the keyboard regarding the rec place, Sheidheda stabs Gabriel through the as well as faces Madi. Blocking Madi’s avoid by way of a port, Sheidheda suggests himself, informing her you to definitely this woman is the key to the latest transcendence of one’s people and that they have started taken to give the lady back even if Sheidheda wants to reign, to not ever transcend. The Ebony Frontrunner shows nanotracking pills he is able to use to promote this lady straight back peacefully, or a blade so you’re able to stab this lady that have to bring her right back by push in the event the she declines. Drawing his suit’s knife as an alternative, Sheidheda says which he would rather gut Madi such as an effective pig as an alternative. Sheidheda stabs Gabriel several times before you leave your to help you pass away and you can going after Madi.